Easing Government Restrictions

Easing Government Restrictions
We give thanks to God that our case numbers across Australia, and specifically in Queensland have been much lower than expected so that restrictions can now begin to ease. The State government has announced 3 stages of easing restrictions, beginning from this weekend.

This week the elders met to formulate a “big picture” plan for what we intend to do as a church for each of these stages. You can find a summary of our proposed plan here. In short:

  • Stage 1 (up to 5 in a home, 10 at church) – Our online ministries remain unchanged, but we’re inviting people to catch up informally with others from church for a meal, Sunday service watch party or to read/pray together.
  • Stage 2 (up to 20 in a home or church) – As per stage 1, except we recommence growth groups in person. We’ll also host a Sunday service watch party at church (capped at 20).
  • Stage 3 (up to 100 in a home or church) – Commence two in-person Sunday morning worship services, along with Kids Church, Youth & Tots ‘n Tunes. There will be a limit of 38 at church to comply with social distancing rules.

If you have any questions or concerns about the plan, please speak with Rohan or one of the elders. Some other more general comments to bear in mind:

  • If you are meeting in-person with others, please continue to observe proper social distancing and hygiene measures, and do not meet if you are unwell.
  • Please be respectful of others’ consciences regarding how comfortable someone is with meeting together in-person.
  • We encourage everyone to continue taking advantage of the various technology options on offer for our various ministries, so we can enjoy fellowship and encouragement ‘virtually’, even as physical meetings remain restricted.