Hot Topics: Feminism & the Church

Feminism is a popular and prominent cause in our post-modern society. We hear it mentioned in the media, on Facebook & in our conversations with friends on many different topics from the workplace to domestic abuse to abortion. So what is feminism all about? How does it fit with the biblical picture of humanity, gender and sexuality?

Most churches are made up of more than 50% women, but we’re generally regarded in the wider community as opponents of the feminist cause. Is that a fair assessment? If we’re to be faithful to Christ, what does the church need to learn from feminism and what do we need to challenge about it?

Come and join us for what promises to be a fascinating discussion that both men and women need to hear! We’re privileged to have Nathan & Robyn Campbell as our speakers, who recently addressed this issue at the Presbyterian Women’s National Conference. They’re involved in ministry at Creek Road Presbyterian Church (South Bank Campus), parents to 3 young kids and Nathan is a well-known blogger at St Eutychus.

Speaker: Nathan & Robyn Campbell