Growth Groups


At Graceville Presbyterian Church we believe that the Christian life is meant to be a journey of growth as we are transformed by the Holy Spirit more and more each day to be like our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

However, God never intended our growth as Christians to be a solo project! We need the help of one another to encourage us in the Christian walk, and to give us the support we need to keep trusting Jesus through all the ups and downs of life.

That’s why we encourage all our members, where possible, to join a Growth Group. Growth Groups provide the opportunity to get together mid-week, with a smaller group of people, and to spend time studying the Bible, praying for one another, and enjoying each other’s company.

This year we have the following 6 Growth Groups running:

Tuesday Night (Ladies) @ 7.30pm, Harden’s, Darra
This ladies group is led Elise Harden & Ruth Leister

Wednesday Morning (Ladies) @ 9.30 – 11am, Church
This ladies group is led Heather Pieris (child-minding available)

Wednesday Night (Mixed) @ 7.00pm, Cheng’s, Chelmer
This mixed group is led by Mario & Jenessa Cheng

Wednesday Night (Men) @ 7.30pm, Harden’s, Darra
This men group is led by Alisdair Harden & Troy Wilkins

Wednesday Night (Young Adults) @ 7pm, Gibson’s, Corinda
This young adults group is led by Callum Gibson

Thursday Night (Mixed) @ 7.00pm, Zoom, Corinda
This young adults group is led by Dave Venz, David & Joellen Athanassiou

Thursday Night (Mixed) @ 7.30pm Pieris’s, Graceville
This group is led by Rohan Pieris

Please speak to Rohan ( if you’d like to be involved in a Growth Group.