First and foremost we are followers of Jesus. It is through Jesus that we come to know God; it is through His death that we find forgiveness; it is through His resurrection that God assures us that we will live again. Jesus is our King and we are members of His kingdom.

We are passionate about the good news that, in love, God the Father took the initiative in sending Jesus to save us from the consequences of our sins.If talk of being ‘saved’ is a unfamiliar to you, we invite you to read this online booklet called, ‘Two Ways to Live’, which explains how to become a Christian.

We are also people of the Holy Spirit, whom God gives to His church and to every believer in Jesus. We depend on Him for so much: spiritual awakening, spiritual understanding, spiritual transformation, spiritual gifts and spiritual fruit are all the work of the Spirit.

We are people of the Word. Everything we believe about God, his plan for the world, his work of salvation, his will for our lives… everything… must be directed and conditioned and shaped by the Bible. We believe it to be reliable, without error and the main way in which God has revealed himself to us so that we might know Him.

We are also a people who believe that seeking to impact our neighbourhood must be a priority. God calls us to be a church in the world, for the world.

Our name, Presbyterian, comes from the Greek word for ‘Elder’ in the New Testament, and describes the style of leadership in our church, which is by a team of Elders.

A detailed explanation of what we believe is found in the Westminster Confession of Faith, which you can find at: http://www.reformed.org/documents/wcf_with_proofs/.