COMMISSIONED is a Sunday group time for kids in grades 6 through to 12 during each school term. We will spend alternate weeks in and out of the church service. This will include time out from the church service to discover the different aspects of the life of GPC, through information, training and equipping sessions, helping to empower our youth to serve within the church community. The other weeks we will stay in church to hear the sermon and take notes, then after the service we will meet together for doughnuts and discussion. The word of God is central to all we do at GPC and COMMISSIONED is no different, and God’s word will be central to all that we do in COMMISSIONED.

COMMISSIONED is designed to be a way that we can disciple our teenagers to develop a healthy view of life as a part of the body of Christ, The Church! Our heart is to help the emerging youth of our congregation to integrate into being a part of the life of the church as they use their gifts that God has given them as a part of their worship of Him. As a goal, we will seek to inform, train and equip them in the many different areas in the life of the church through side by side training, based on the mission of Graceville Presbyterian Church to make disciples and help them grow in their faith and love for the Lord Jesus.

This ministry is led by Troy Wilkins at