Sunday Services at 8:30am or 10:30am

We love having visitors at Graceville Presbyterian Church, and Sunday services are the easiest way to get to know what we’re on about!

We want our services to be centred on Jesus Christ because we believe he offers each of us eternal hope and the only way back to God. We also want them to be relaxed, reverent and relevant all at once!

When it comes to our time of corporate worship, we want to be reverent because God is the ruler of the universe. It’s good to remember who we’re dealing with when we come before Him and that our lives find meaning by putting Him at the centre, not the other way around.

But He’s also the God who knows all our flaws, weakness and sin, and loves us just the same. That means we don’t want church to be about pretence or show, but to instead be a place where anyone can come honestly before God, just as you are, and experience His grace and forgiveness through Christ. So our services are relaxed, because it doesn’t matter whether you like to worship God with hands in the air or in your pockets, whether you come dressed in your Sunday best or what you’d wear around the house; anyone can find acceptance before God in Jesus Christ.

Thirdly, we believe this message about Jesus’ salvation is the most important news on the planet because it meets our deepest human need – reconciliation with God. That means we want our services to be relevant so that as many people as possible, from all walks of life, young and old, can find out about Jesus in a way that makes sense to our contemporary culture, and are helped in practical ways to live for Him. An informal service structure, contemporary worship music, and practical but biblically-centred preaching are just some of the ways we try and do this.

We’d love for you to visit our Sunday service and will do all that we can to make you feel welcome. Our service at Graceville and is made up of a mix of ages and stages from newborns through to retirees! There is usually a kids item at the start of the service and a kids church program that runs each week during school terms, which caters for kids in Kindy through to the end of Primary. Most people stick around after church for morning tea and a chat.