New to church?

New to churchIt is always a bit scary when you visit a new church, because you are never too sure what you will find. “Will they be a bunch of crazies, like we sometimes see on the TV?” “Will they be friendly and welcoming or will we be left to sip our coffee on our own?” “Will they look like us or will we stand out like a sore thumb?” And, “How will we know our way around the service… when to stand and when to sit down… and they had better not ask us to pray!” These are just some of the thoughts that go through peoples’ minds when they visit a new church.

We would suggest that you give, whatever church you visit, at least 3 weeks to settle. It will always feel quite strange at first, but we hope that over time, you’ll come to feel more at home and be able to get a sense of what we are about.

One of the questions that some new-comers are asking is, “Is this the sort of church where our gifts and talents can be used? Will there be opportunities for us to be involved?” We think that this is one of the attractions of Graceville Presbyterian Church, that there are so many areas where an individual can make a significant contribution to growing God’s kingdom in this place. Another concern is, “Will this church cater for our family’s needs?” Well we already have a number of families represented at Graceville Presbyterian Church… you do need to watch where you step or you may tread on yet another toddler… but we would like to see this aspect to our church go from strength to strength, with more and more resources set aside for children’s and youth work, with family functions after church and regular meals and get-togethers.

Lastly, what does Graceville Presbyterian Church believe? Well, we are no different to a number of other churches… we are committed to following Jesus, we see his death on the cross as decisive, faith as a response of the heart, we are charismatic without being crazy, and we are looking forward to joining Jesus one day in heaven. If anything, what distinguishes us is our emphasis on understanding what the Bible is actually saying, first of all in its original context and then as God speaks through his Word to us. John Piper, Don Carson, Tim Keller, Jim Packer, John Stott, and C J Mahaney are some of the bible teachers that we admire.

We do hope that you will make Graceville Presbyterian your spiritual home.