What happens at Church?


You might not have been to church for ages. Or ever. And that’s fine. You might have grown up going to a different sort of church, or one just like ours – and that’s fine too. We reckon it helps to know what you’re in for before you come through our doors.

Our services revolve around the Bible, because we believe the Bible is God’s way of communicating with us. It tells us about how he reached out to the world by sending Jesus. We try to deal with one big idea from the Bible every week.

The whole Sunday service – from the songs we sing, the videos we share, to our prayers, to the Bible reading, to the talk – and what happens in Kids Church – is focused on the same big idea.

We really want what goes on at church to be clear, interesting, and easy to understand – so feel free to ask questions if we’re not clear enough, or there’s something we haven’t explained in a way that clicks for you.

We want our Sunday Services to be something you can invite your friends to come along to – we want the good news of Jesus to be presented in a clear and relevant way every week.

We’re pretty keen on the Bible – we think it tells the greatest story ever told – we’re so keen that we’ll hand you one at the door (and give you a smile) as you arrive. If you don’t have a Bible at home, we’d love you to keep it. As our gift.

After the service, if it’s your first time – or until you get connected with us, if you decide to stick around, we’d love to meet you.

We don’t want to come on too strong – but we really do want people to meet Jesus and get to grips with his life changing, and world changing, story.

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