What do you need to grow?

What do you need to growWhat do you need to grow? One of the questions that we need to be thinking about is. “What is our core business at Graceville Presbyterian Church?” It’s an important question, because if we are not careful we will find ourselves being pulled in a hundred and one different directions at the same time. So allow me an opportunity to suggest the way that I see things. It goes without saying that our ultimate objective must be God’s glory… this is what we are about as followers of Jesus: to act and plan and behave in such a way that we bring him glory. How does Paul express it: “Whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do it all for God’s glory.” And that thought must always be at the forefront of our minds.

But beneath that, and yet serving that same purpose, our objective must be to grow God’s Kingdom. Let me explain: Jesus is the king, and his kingdom exists wherever he has subjects who are living under his rule. So, when thinking of God’s kingdom, don’t think in terms of earthly kingdoms with titular heads and physical boarders. Instead think of Jesus as the king, the King above all other kings, who is ruling over his kingdom, which grows and extends as more and more people accept Jesus as their king and submit to his rule.

So, if we are to be faithful in extending God’s kingdom, two things must happen: first of all, we must be introducing people to the king, in the hope that they will come to believe in his work on the cross and submit to his rule.

But we must not stop there. The second and equally important objective is to teach, train and disciple people to live as active citizens of God’s kingdom. This is about much more than merely possessing a membership card. It’s about learning to live out the values of the kingdom…, to be growing in our awareness of the greatness and goodness of God, to be learning to live with less and to be generous with more, to be implementing what we have learned and to love as we are loved.

So, from a leadership point of view, our core business must be to train the trainers, to equip the evangelists, to resource our members, so that everyone is adequately equipped and involved in growing the kingdom and promoting the gospel.

This raises two questions, which you may need to reflect on: “How can we help you to grow?” And, “What are you doing to grow God’s kingdom?”