Zimbabwe Gospel Partnerships


A message from Mitch & Jess Spence:

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Zimbabwe Partnership Night.

We were encouraged by your attempt at singing & dancing to an African song, but even more than that, we were greatly encouraged by so many of you considering how you might help aid and sustain the proclamation of the gospel in Zimbabwe.

We are praying for and pursuing partnerships that are mutually strengthening, where ultimately it’s our faith and the faith of those who we are serving that really, REALLY matters to us, and where our faith really, REALLY matters to you. In short, we are presenting you with an opportunity to both strengthen our faith and to be strengthened in your faith.

To that end, we hope that our partnerships in the gospel with you will be defined by prayer for one another, communicating with one another, visiting one another and giving where needs be.

To partner with Mitch & Jess, please chat to them, or visit: mjspartners.org